Two cocks 1643 musket


My wife liked the look of this due to the feather sticking out of the label. So she bought me one home from the garden centre.

Virtually no head on it and a very dark body. For a pale ale anyway.

Had a whiff and smells very bitter. Had a clue it wasn’t going to be nice. Can’t describe the odour. It’s almost like a mouldy clementine.

Very sour bitter taste. Not enjoyable whatsoever. Disappointing. Won’t be buying that if I see it. And will give the wife a sample so she doesn’t too.


Empress Ale


A friend passed me this nice looking wooden box asking me to give these beers a review. A friend of a friend if you wish.

He says to me, you’ve got to have a curry when you do. No problem, I do love a curry. And seeing as it’s Friday night and we have nothing else to eat, perfect opportunity.

The box itself was rather like a wine box with nicely burned in logos etc. I’m loving the bottle design, it’s got that olde England feel.

On pouring, quite carbonated. I’m guessing this is going to be closer to a lager seeing as that’s what we love drinking with a curry.

I’m feeling right about that last statement with the smell. There’s no massive hoppiness or caramel tints coming.

It’s really light and easy going. I’ve caught some citrusy undertones but there isn’t a huge complexity in tastes. It could be down to the curry being the flavours and the beer cleansing the palate, which it does very well.

I could seriously drink this as a session beer. It’s got the citrus and  coriander mix that I absolutely love (although that could still be the curry)

I’ll have another after this one and see how it goes. But I have a feeling it’s gonna be a fine drink and I’m going to be sad that they’ve both gone. I’ll have to see what else they do.

Runaway Smoked Porter


2015-10-18 17.23.08I probably shouldn’t mention how much I’m not into porters, but this is one that I probably won’t be sampling again.

Its rather bitter, and very lively

Very dark, burnt dark chocolate and almost like a burnt sausage. I’m not a massive fan of burnt meats…

I should think this would be okay if you’re sitting around infront of a fire with some nice cheeses, but not for me…. Sorry