Badger Blandford Flyer


This is a very nice beer but oh my, ginger! Tastes like ginger ale and I suppose it is. I really should read the labels better (after the peach beer on Friday).

The ginger gives it a little kick on the end of the tongue. Almost spicy.

A really nice beer, and I don’t usually like ginger ale. Nice, would definitely drink this again.

Old Tom Strong Ale


Small bottle. 8.5% though. Small but I’m guessing it packs a punch. Very dark, stout like colour, with liquorice overtones.

This is a beer to warm you through. After getting in from a wet and windy night, put your feet up by the fire and sup one of these. That’s just the ticket. Like a duvet for your insides.

Very liquoricey taste, almost burnt. It’s very morish indeed. I like it a lot

A bit like you would expect pontefract beer to taste! Very very nice. Will definitely have this one again.

Badger Golden Glory


Jeepers, this has a crazy smell of peaches. The strongest fruity smell I think I’ve had of a beer. (Mind you, I should have noticed the label might have mentioned Peaches!)

I’m not the bigger fan of peaches, and it might be a little too much for multiple beers, but I can’t taste anything else.

After half, I think I shan’t buy this again. My wife seems to like it, but she’s a peach lover.

Morland Old Crafty Hen


Picked this up in a bargain 4 for £5 offer, when the bottle alone was £2.80.

Claimed to be a vintage brew, has very vintage look to it, and a mean, crudish taste. Mind you, it is supposed to a premium version of Old Speckled Hen, and is 6.5%

I enjoyed it, but I doubt I would pay full price for it, it wasn’t “that” special.