Jeremiah Weed


Bought this on a friends recommendation. I love root beer and I had a feeling this would be my most favouritist drink in the world, alas it wasn’t. It is a ginger ale.

However, as I’ve written before, I’m not a great fan of ginger based products. This, much like the Badger Blandford in an earlier post, was extremely drinkable. It’s very light and not over powering gingeryness.

It looks like a pale ale but the bottle is so dark you don’t know til you’ve poured it.

Anyway, not a great deal to say about this except it was a really nice drop. 4% from my local Waitrose.


Wadworth – Bishops Tipple


Just had a pint of this in the Royal Oak, in Witney. Almost finished it and realised I should really start blogging again.

Its a real nice, light pint. Amber in colour with a very slight head.

Very clean, and refreshing. Sat in the sunshine (for once this year) – it was a really nice pint. A little bittery, but so smooth.. It just didn’t stand a chance, so easy drinking. I found it wasn’t particulary hoppy, or fruity. Just simple, and lovely tastes or ale.

Good job.