Watermill Collie Wobbles


Nestled away in Cumbria in the Lake District, is this small micro brewery called the Watermill Inn. They’ve won the local beer of the year so we thought we’d come try.

So, bought a pint of the famed Collie Wobbles to see what the fuss was about. For starters, it’s £2.60 a pint!

It’s light, very slight hops, but no great depth of flavour if I’m honest. It’s easy drinking though and I reckon a day session here could be dangerous!

I think there’s a bit of toffee in there but all in all its just a nice drop. I asked my friend to help me here and his review was:

“It’s bloody lovely” – so thanks for that!

I would definitely drink this again but there are 15 other beers to try!