Badger England’s Own


I am quite fond of badger ales I must admit but I’ll try not to be too biased.

This beer has the look of lager, pale amber in colour and quite substantial fizz. Not a massive head though.

It smells just pretty normal if I’m honest and I thought the bottle neck label’s quote of ‘staggeringly great’ might be pushing it a bit!

However, the taste is great. Totally unexpected flavours from my childhood. Can’t quite put a name to it until I read the bottle. ‘Elderflower?’. I’ve not had any elderflower for a many a year. It’s extremely pleasant and crisp, but apart from the aforementioned elderflower, I can’t get much else.

Nice beer. 4.6% in a 500ml bottle. It’s really rather refreshing. The more I drink the more I like.


Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay


This organic ale is brewed by the Shepherd Neame brewery (responsible for Spitfire and Bishops Finger)

I was expecting a lot from this due to the oh so popularity of the aformentioned two. But I was little disappointed.

It has a very small head, but a lovely golden amber colour. Smells hit me like when you’ve not had a beer in a while. I was excited to taste it because of this.

Anyway, the taste was a bit standard. Malty and very much like I would imagine an organic ale to taste, a bit from the earth if there is such a taste. It is a little bitter, but not overly, and somewhat tangy. Overall I wouldn’t buy this again, its okay as a ‘reserve’ beer, but not at all what I would go for first.



Thwaites nutty black


Not to be confused with ‘very’ nutty black, brewed by Thwaites brewery. A lighter stout than most.

It’s really very plain in comparison to the other stouts I’ve been drinking recently. It’s warming yes, but very slight when it comes to flavours.

Has a slight sweetness but as someone who’s not particularly fond of nuts, not very nutty!

Not a great deal of aftertaste to be fair. It’s all just a bit plain.

Nice and dark it is, and no fizz at all. It is pleasant enough without the drama of a more ‘premium’ bottle.


Wychwood King Goblin


‘Brewed on a full moon’ is the tag line.

Nice and dark (but not stout-like) with a slight head, 6.6%. Upon opening, I was attacked by fruity scents. Alas they seem to be missing in the taste.

It’s quite bitter, malty and yet sweet (much like the other Wychwood beers). It’s not got the phenomenal tastes of other ‘reserve’ beers and makes me feel a little cheated to be fair.

Although there is quite a nice aftertaste. Not sure I can pin point it though.

I just feel there is something missing here; like I was short changed. For something brewed around once a month I would expect a beer with more ‘oomph’


Wychwood PumpKing


Went and got this on recommendation from the Omskirk Baron, that and it’s Halloween.

Anyway, £1.50 from the wychwood brewery shop. Not bad price, 500ml an 4.2%.

I was expecting a load of pumpkin flavours but I didn’t get much at all. But I do get some burnt sugar, caramel.

Tastes a little spicey. Almost Christmassy. Fruity and a very slightly hoppy.

Would definitely drink this again. Especially that price.