Wadworth Swordfish


On as a guest beer in my local http://www.suninn-hooknorton.co.uk

I was quite excited by the promise of rum but have to say felt a bit let down. I guess you have to be careful with the flavours of the spirits in your beers but I was hoping for a bit more.

Got some caramel, sweetness and some maltyness.

It’s okay, but won’t be my first choice.


Young’s Double Chocolate Stout


Got this in my Christmas stocking this year in a fancy tube box with a branded pint glass.

It has very very subtle chocolate tones and smells a little like burnt chocolate (I used to live near a Kraft factory so I know the smell)

Pours dark as you would expect with a minimal head that doesn’t live for long.

I was underwhelmed by the chocolate in the taste. I felt it was more coffee like to be honest. Tasted a bit like the old school Guinness you can still get. I definitely get coffee overtones (just hit me).

Overall it’s okay. I would pick this over Guinness I think, and I have been a big fan of Arthur’s classic for many years. This just seems to have a bit more depth in it.

Good beer. Was underwhelmed to start but it grew on me.


Watermill ‘A winters tail’


I’ve saved this all year for today. This was going to be my Christmas Day beer so had to be good.

I bought it from the Watermill inn up in the lake districts. Shows I do have some will power to not open it before.

Anyway, pours quite dark, chocolatey. Head was quick to vanish.

Little or no aroma really.

Tastes pretty smooth and a bit thick, almost treacly. I get a bit of Christmas spice from it, probably cinnamon and orange.

Nice. Would be nice in front of a roaring fire on a cold wet night. Yummy.


Robinsons Unicorn


My local shop stocked these as part of their 2 for £3 promotion. Well worth a flutter.

Nice dark pour and a frothy head but generally a standard pint of bitter. No great tastes, just the usual hoppiness and bitterness.

Not massively amazing bit no nasty tastes and could quite happily drink more of these. At £1.50 a bottle. Probably wouldn’t be first choice on draught though.


Batemans Combined Harvest


Interesting I thought as I looked at the promise of multi grain beer. What a treat.

The bottle has a rather busy label, and offers 4.7% in its 500ml bottle.

Pours nice. Has a thick looking head and a lovely dark golden colour. Almost burnt caramel colour.

If I’m honest, not a great deal of depth in the smell (although I could be a little bunged up)

BUT. The taste. Oh my word what a surprise. I delightfully light but complex sensation. There is no bitterness, no tang, somewhat malty. I think it’s a little bit fruit loafy. There is something in there that’s not normally in a beer and its thrown me a bit of a curve ball. It oils be bread, but it feels more like a sweet. Not sure.

Either way, this is now my favourite beer. Outright. And I’m sorry as I live in hook norton and I feel like I’m being a traitor to my local brewery, but sorry. It’s bloody lovely.