Deus Brut des Flandres


Was bought this for Father’s Day this year. Looks magnificent.

It’s brewed in Belgium and then transferred to the champagne region and treated like a bottle of champagne would. It’s turned and kept in the sort of conditions that one would expect of a bottle of bubbly.

I was quite excited to open it. Poured very carefully as its extremely fizzy. Exactly like champers.

Anyway. The taste.

Quite light, airy, and a unique taste. Can’t quite put my finger on it. A bit citrusy and a bit metallic. I thought it was a bit sour but my wife didn’t.

It tastes a little ‘off’ but I think the confusion of drinking a beer from a wine glass with such a likeness to champagne makes the mind a little messed up.

Wasn’t sure I would like it after the first mouthful but I grew to like it a lot. Unfortunately the 700ml bottle didn’t last as long as we thought.

I’m not sure exactly how expensive it was as it was a present but it was bloody lovely. A nice treat. But at 11.5% it’ll knock you over!

Would definitely recommend this if you’re stuck for something to buy a beer lover. Pretty special this one.