March of the Penguins


I have a fascination with penguins. So much so I have a penguin tattoo and my wedding cake involved penguins.

So this was a no brainer when I saw it. However, I felt very much let down by it.

Pours dark and has the aroma of a glass of beer thats been sat in a smokey pub for a week… It was pretty sour, with the backend of some malts. I got some coffee in there too, but it tastes like my coffee machine when the pod isn’t punctured correctly. A bit like an ashtray.

Perhaps I had a bad bottle, but I’m not going to risk it for the immediate future. My tattoo faded a little bit whilst drinking this.

2013-11-29 22.47.45



Had this little number in Jamie’s Italian. I like finding eateries with less “lager” lagers. This is one. It has the refreshment of a lager without the harsh, mass produced, sharpness of a modern day restaurant beer.

Despite the photo, was quite carbonated, and very cold. I prefer less “cold” beers (which is why I like ale so much) – but it was nice enough. Slightly malty with the possibility of citrus in.

2013-11-26 12.56.39

Great Gadgets beer holster “classic”


I got sent this to view by the folk at Splash Brands who are beginning to import it to the uk.

At first thought I thought it was more of a silly “secret Santa” gift but after sticking it on my belt it didn’t feel that silly.


It’s made from 100% real leather with metal stud fasteners. I thought it looked too small to fit a beer can in but I was wrong. It’s a snug fit so don’t expect your can to fall out easily. However if you lean too much with a full can, expect some splashing. It really does hold a standard can well.

It’s advertised as perfect for BBQs but I’m not sure about that. I generally leave my beer on my BBQ. Mind you, some people have those round ones with no side tables.

I think it would be much more suited to an outdoor event. Such as a local football game. I’m always trying to find a flat patch to put my beer down and this solves that. If you don’t mind wearing it in public. There’s a sort of stigma attached to wearing things like mobile phone holsters etc. Probably the only holster manly enough to wear would contain a gun.

Overall, it does hold your can/bottle safe and it’s made from quality materials and it’s quite inconspicuous really.

Not really my sort of thing, but I “can” see why some people would wear them. Perhaps next time I go to watch Hook Norton FC play, I’ll wear it.

If you fancy giving it a go you can get it from here