Runaway Smoked Porter


2015-10-18 17.23.08I probably shouldn’t mention how much I’m not into porters, but this is one that I probably won’t be sampling again.

Its rather bitter, and very lively

Very dark, burnt dark chocolate and almost like a burnt sausage. I’m not a massive fan of burnt meats…

I should think this would be okay if you’re sitting around infront of a fire with some nice cheeses, but not for me…. Sorry

Cloudwater Summer APA



2015-10-16 21.42.51Pretty refreshing. This was an inclusion from Flavourly beer club. Doubt if I would have purchased otherwise. Label is slightly off-putting with regards to looking a bit washed out.

Anyway, not a great deal to write home about. Simple citrus and hops, slight grapefruitness and orange.


Again, a bit too lemony for my top 20.

Badger Hopping Hare


2015-10-16 19.26.13I’ve always been fairly fond of the badger beers. They’ve always both suprised me, and also expanded my opinion of beers.

I don’t recall ever reviewing this, but I should do so, even though I reckon I’ve been through all the badger range!

Quite fruity, even “normal” for the norm of badgers. A slight hoppiness, and “grassy” flavours with a decent head on it. Hung around for a while.

Quite deep malts in it which brings the biscuitness of it all.  Would class as slightly better than a session beer,

Brains SA Gold


Always a classic (as my mate Andy is always telling me) – but got to admit, its a good beer.

Quite malty, which I like, and not too hoppy. Although I am fond of hops, but it seems a bit of a (not session) but normal “i fancy a pint, pint”

Its nothing massive, but its in Aldi for £1.25 a bottle, and at that price, its an absolute steal. 2015-10-16 16.34.14

Batemans Victory


Back to one of my favourites… I think this was the first wheat based beer I had and thus, opened my eyes to the wonders of wheat beer. It knocked my for about 16 when I first had it. Who knows it if was because I was into lager at the time, or if its genuinely that good. But I tried again, and again, and its a bloody great beer.

I will try again in about 2 years nd ensure its not my inexperience in ale, but I’m assuming I will really enjoy it again.

Lovely sweety finish with some sweetness in there, and possible caramel, with the huge straw based back end.

Love it I do.2015-10-14 19.40.03