2015-10-09 22.13.40This is another bad boy from flavourly. Looks the part, and I was swift to crack it open, however I was a little disappointed in the final result.

I don’t think its supposed to be classed as a porter but thats how it felt. Dark rich notes, like a deep sherry…

Guinness Golden Ale


2015-10-09 19.55.14My friend told me they were bringing out a new Guinness….

Me and my pal used to neck a lot of guinness – and this in particular was very exciting for me.

However, this is not the beer he was referring to, and I am still hoping to get my hands on what he was referring to.

However, I’ll give this a go.

Rather plain in comparison to the usual hard hitting guinness… Pretty good hops and some good old biscuits…. Feels like its a middle man, between the classic and the new age… Slightly disappointing in all honesty.

Fullers Honey Dew


2015-10-09 19.11.29My missus bought me this home, which is nice of her. I think she thought I would like it as she bought me a honey based whisky once apon a time.

However, It is not a great beer. I t could be, but there is far too much emphasis on the honey for my liking.

Its almost impossible to give any review on this beer as the honey outweighed anything else on offer.

Sorry for such a crap review, but it is honestly like drinking a hot toddy but without the hot, the whisky and the cold….

Theakston Old Peculier


Decently available dark beer with plenty of character.

Not a massive disappointment and neither a huge beer of the month. Its an all round decent beer. slightly bitter, with the off scent of some nuts – and biscuits.

Won’t rush out to buy it, and have to say I would probably put in the bracket with BASS
2015-10-08 19.49.53

Beavertown Neck Oil


2015-10-05 22.13.43Definitely a session beer, but a bit expensive for my liking. Its not like its not a nice beer, but for a 330ml can, it seems a lot of money for a beer with no great amount of kick

Quite fruity and, but a lack of hops or malt in my opinion….

BUT, if you needs some beers and you can find them cheap enough, then they make a fairly good session beer.

Dark Star Hophead


2015-10-01 21.06.34Thought this would be really hoppy due to the name, but really, it was very much a let down.

Bit like a session beer, and not one I would like to spend a few quid on, more like a £1.20 from Morissons.

It would probably do as a session ale, but as I said, the lack of any depth is a reason to not want…



2015-10-01 19.29.34Was not impressed with this at all. Very light, and mucho citrus. I am not a massive fan of Leffe, and this reminded me of that in so many ways.

Poor, washy, no flavour, and all in all, I don’t want to drink again