Jeremiah Weed


Bought this on a friends recommendation. I love root beer and I had a feeling this would be my most favouritist drink in the world, alas it wasn’t. It is a ginger ale.

However, as I’ve written before, I’m not a great fan of ginger based products. This, much like the Badger Blandford in an earlier post, was extremely drinkable. It’s very light and not over powering gingeryness.

It looks like a pale ale but the bottle is so dark you don’t know til you’ve poured it.

Anyway, not a great deal to say about this except it was a really nice drop. 4% from my local Waitrose.


Wadworth – Bishops Tipple


Just had a pint of this in the Royal Oak, in Witney. Almost finished it and realised I should really start blogging again.

Its a real nice, light pint. Amber in colour with a very slight head.

Very clean, and refreshing. Sat in the sunshine (for once this year) – it was a really nice pint. A little bittery, but so smooth.. It just didn’t stand a chance, so easy drinking. I found it wasn’t particulary hoppy, or fruity. Just simple, and lovely tastes or ale.

Good job.

St Peters Golden Ale


This bottle design grabbed my attention if I’m honest. It’s a nice looking beer, 4.7% from a 500ml bottle.

The bottle is slightly green and this gives the beer a lighter look than the dark amber poured product.

It’s got a nice head, and pretty grainy aroma. It’s quite strong and, if I’m a little honest, a bit overpowering until you’ve had a few mouthfuls to get used to it. There’s also a little bit of sweetness in there, a bit like cinder toffee.

It’s a pleasant enough beer but not in the top ten of mine I don’t think.


Bombardier English


And onto one of my all time favourites. A simple, English beer. It’s got very very subtle flavours so won’t be overpowering for the novice ale drinker. A bit bitter, but if I may be so bold, a perfect little number. Not much else to say about it other than go and grab a few!

Not only the beer is great, but now Rik Mayal has appeared in the adverts.

4.7% in a 500ml bottle.


Innis & Gunn Original


Blimey! This little 330ml 6.6% bottle packs quite a punch!

This beer has been aged in oak barrels which I think used to carry whisky. As a result you get a massive whisky aftertaste. Infact it’s like you dropped a shot of it into the beer.

You get nice oaky depth as you would expect with some nice vanilla tones.

I certainly couldn’t drink too many of these, they have a huge flavour and it’s a little overpowering if I’m honest.

So, a little powerhouse of a beer; a bit too much for me though.


Pure Ubu


I went to a wedding reception and this was the only ale, bottled behind the bar. I recognised the bottle but thought it was brewed in New Zealand. Perhaps I saw it out there once, who knows. But fabulous to say its almost local, coming from the Purity brewery in Warwickshire.

Anyway, it’s a nice golden colour and a slight head.

I’m struggling to spot the flavours here though. It’s a bloody nice pint with a lot of depth, but I can’t work out what is going on in there. A bit fruity but nothing standing out for me. It’s simple, a bit bitter but easy going. I think if the mass produced lagers were off, a lager drinker could drink this all night. It’s simple.

4.5% in a 500ml bottle from my local wine merchants (S.H Jones)

Lovely, but simple. A bit like me.


Bath Ales Gem


This one didn’t explode on me thank god. It’s a much darker colour than the golden hare that I drank earlier tonight.

Once again it is a very underwhelming pint. There is just no complexity to their beers. Tastes pretty much the same as the last.

It is quite sweet and it is very easy drinking and, it is quite forgettable.

500ml packin 4.8% from sainsburys.


Bath Ale Golden Hare


Upon opening this bad boy I was covered in it. It had been settling in the kitchen for a good hour.

It’s a nice fat bottle with. “organic” label, 500ml containing a 4.4% ale.

Anyway, to the taste. It’s slightly coppery with a little bit of toffee (perhaps cinder toffee?), with not a great deal of aftertaste. It’s not a massive beer and I found myself feeling a bit shortchanged over this one. There’s just not a great deal of taste to find.


Brew Dog Punk IPA


I thought I should try this after many recommendations. It’s a smaller than average 330ml bottle packing in 5.6%.

It’s got a bitter tang to it, a smokey grapefruit hint in there.

It’s nice. Different to many other pale ales due to the citrusy kick to it. Nice aftertaste.

The best bit is the side of the label. It reads:

This is not a lowest common denominator beer.

This is an assertive beer.

We don’t care if you don’t like it. Etc