Hogs head All 4 One


The last of the 4 Aldi beers. I love a hoppy beer. Unfortunate this falls short. Once again. 

Golden amber with slight head. 

The nose is less hops than expected. Slight fruit. Perhaps nectarine. Not sure. 

Gotta say, it’s the least hoppy “hoppy” beer I’ve had. Just very standard bitter taste. Basic malt. A bit dull. 

Sadlers Land of Liberty


Second one from Aldi, an American style IPA. Now, I do like an American pale ale it must be said. 

Good head on it. Pours a very washed out amber with stubborn lacing with almost no carbonation. Lovely. 

I get apples on the nose with some sweetness. Could almost be toffee apple. I can even see the apples. Quite old. Musty. 

The flavours are a bit of a let down. There’s not great depth. No huge florals or fruits or spices. It’s just standard bitter in my book. Not sure this would make the Christmas supply box. 

Brains SA Gold


Always a classic (as my mate Andy is always telling me) – but got to admit, its a good beer.

Quite malty, which I like, and not too hoppy. Although I am fond of hops, but it seems a bit of a (not session) but normal “i fancy a pint, pint”

Its nothing massive, but its in Aldi for £1.25 a bottle, and at that price, its an absolute steal. 2015-10-16 16.34.14