Guinness Golden Ale


2015-10-09 19.55.14My friend told me they were bringing out a new Guinness….

Me and my pal used to neck a lot of guinness – and this in particular was very exciting for me.

However, this is not the beer he was referring to, and I am still hoping to get my hands on what he was referring to.

However, I’ll give this a go.

Rather plain in comparison to the usual hard hitting guinness… Pretty good hops and some good old biscuits…. Feels like its a middle man, between the classic and the new age… Slightly disappointing in all honesty.

Coopers brewery sparkling ale


About time I tried something different. So found this in a local store and thought, hmmm, Australians don’t do many ales surely. They’re all lager.

This is a small bottle (375ml) picking a fight with its 5.8% content. It’s pretty pale in colour but extremely cloudy, with a good head which quickly disappears. I have high hopes (or am I just thirsty)

It’s standard. Plain. Refreshing. A bit citrusy. Not sure I would call it an ale, but a rounded lager. It would rate very highly as a lager.

There’s not much in a way of flavour but it would certainly do in a hot summers day picnic.

Okay I say. But that’s it.