Empress Ale


A friend passed me this nice looking wooden box asking me to give these beers a review. A friend of a friend if you wish.

He says to me, you’ve got to have a curry when you do. No problem, I do love a curry. And seeing as it’s Friday night and we have nothing else to eat, perfect opportunity.

The box itself was rather like a wine box with nicely burned in logos etc. I’m loving the bottle design, it’s got that olde England feel.

On pouring, quite carbonated. I’m guessing this is going to be closer to a lager seeing as that’s what we love drinking with a curry.

I’m feeling right about that last statement with the smell. There’s no massive hoppiness or caramel tints coming.

It’s really light and easy going. I’ve caught some citrusy undertones but there isn’t a huge complexity in tastes. It could be down to the curry being the flavours and the beer cleansing the palate, which it does very well.

I could seriously drink this as a session beer. It’s got the citrus and ┬ácoriander mix that I absolutely love (although that could still be the curry)

I’ll have another after this one and see how it goes. But I have a feeling it’s gonna be a fine drink and I’m going to be sad that they’ve both gone. I’ll have to see what else they do.



2015-10-09 22.13.40This is another bad boy from flavourly. Looks the part, and I was swift to crack it open, however I was a little disappointed in the final result.

I don’t think its supposed to be classed as a porter but thats how it felt. Dark rich notes, like a deep sherry…

Deus Brut des Flandres


Was bought this for Father’s Day this year. Looks magnificent.

It’s brewed in Belgium and then transferred to the champagne region and treated like a bottle of champagne would. It’s turned and kept in the sort of conditions that one would expect of a bottle of bubbly.

I was quite excited to open it. Poured very carefully as its extremely fizzy. Exactly like champers.

Anyway. The taste.

Quite light, airy, and a unique taste. Can’t quite put my finger on it. A bit citrusy and a bit metallic. I thought it was a bit sour but my wife didn’t.

It tastes a little ‘off’ but I think the confusion of drinking a beer from a wine glass with such a likeness to champagne makes the mind a little messed up.

Wasn’t sure I would like it after the first mouthful but I grew to like it a lot. Unfortunately the 700ml bottle didn’t last as long as we thought.

I’m not sure exactly how expensive it was as it was a present but it was bloody lovely. A nice treat. But at 11.5% it’ll knock you over!

Would definitely recommend this if you’re stuck for something to buy a beer lover. Pretty special this one.