Sadlers Land of Liberty


Second one from Aldi, an American style IPA. Now, I do like an American pale ale it must be said. 

Good head on it. Pours a very washed out amber with stubborn lacing with almost no carbonation. Lovely. 

I get apples on the nose with some sweetness. Could almost be toffee apple. I can even see the apples. Quite old. Musty. 

The flavours are a bit of a let down. There’s not great depth. No huge florals or fruits or spices. It’s just standard bitter in my book. Not sure this would make the Christmas supply box. 

8 Degrees Howling Gale


Thick head just off white. Very clingy. 

I get a clean almost soapiness to the head. Smells bitter with faint hops. 

Tastes rather like a nice old cheese to begin. Almost like an old sock. But that soon disappears to a rounded flat scale average pale ale. Nothing huge nothing bad. Just average. 

Old Empire IPA


2015-09-29 21.14.10You’ll find this baby in Aldi for much cheapness – I mean like £1.10 a bottle – and you cannot argue with that

Its a decent enough beer – infact its bloody great for the price.

Got that traditional (as I feel) burnt sweet notes with the old school biscuits… What more can you be expecting from an english brew….