Robinsons Unicorn


My local shop stocked these as part of their 2 for £3 promotion. Well worth a flutter.

Nice dark pour and a frothy head but generally a standard pint of bitter. No great tastes, just the usual hoppiness and bitterness.

Not massively amazing bit no nasty tastes and could quite happily drink more of these. At £1.50 a bottle. Probably wouldn’t be first choice on draught though.


Old Tom Strong Ale


Small bottle. 8.5% though. Small but I’m guessing it packs a punch. Very dark, stout like colour, with liquorice overtones.

This is a beer to warm you through. After getting in from a wet and windy night, put your feet up by the fire and sup one of these. That’s just the ticket. Like a duvet for your insides.

Very liquoricey taste, almost burnt. It’s very morish indeed. I like it a lot

A bit like you would expect pontefract beer to taste! Very very nice. Will definitely have this one again.