Wychwood Wychcraft


I’m not a great fan of blonde beers. An early incident with Leffe when I was a lad has put me off for life. But, this is a local brewery and a beer I wanted to try it.

Anyway, it’s alright. Much much nicer than Leffe. It’s got a nice long lasting head, and golden colour.

Smells honey like and a hint of butter with a citrusy finish.

I like it. Nice.

4.5% from a 500ml bottle.


Wychwood King Goblin


‘Brewed on a full moon’ is the tag line.

Nice and dark (but not stout-like) with a slight head, 6.6%. Upon opening, I was attacked by fruity scents. Alas they seem to be missing in the taste.

It’s quite bitter, malty and yet sweet (much like the other Wychwood beers). It’s not got the phenomenal tastes of other ‘reserve’ beers and makes me feel a little cheated to be fair.

Although there is quite a nice aftertaste. Not sure I can pin point it though.

I just feel there is something missing here; like I was short changed. For something brewed around once a month I would expect a beer with more ‘oomph’


Wychwood PumpKing


Went and got this on recommendation from the Omskirk Baron, that and it’s Halloween.

Anyway, £1.50 from the wychwood brewery shop. Not bad price, 500ml an 4.2%.

I was expecting a load of pumpkin flavours but I didn’t get much at all. But I do get some burnt sugar, caramel.

Tastes a little spicey. Almost Christmassy. Fruity and a very slightly hoppy.

Would definitely drink this again. Especially that price.