Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted


This beer reminds me of a combination of Brains SA and Oxford Gold.

Has a very clean – smooth taste and unlike some lighter ales – does not leave you with a too bitter after taste.

A clean beer with enough hint of hops to say you’ve had a pint.

I’ve not had a Scottish ale before – and this one has definitely got enough about it to make me try more of the same.

A nice smooth pint – would happily have another.


Adnams Gunhill


I thought this was going to be a stout.

Dark ruby colour with off white head with some lacing.

I get tones of fruit and liquorice. Smells bloody nice.

Tastes of summer berries, blackcurrants, etc. a slight bitterness too. The label states full flavoured but I was expecting more bang for my buck.

Not a bad drop but not amazing.


Meantime Chocolate Porter


I’ve said previously I’m not a porter fan. But once again I’m left pondering.

Small brown bottle with hidden treasures in it. Pours almost black with an off cream head. I don’t get any chocolate aromas but I get coffee. Reminds me of Guinness in Dublin?

Not a great deal of chocolate in the taste either. I get sweetness and malts. A little burntness too. But then, right at the end a “pow” of choccieness. Nice lingering tastes and a great warming sensation much like you get from a whiskey. I like a lot.

Think I might reconsider my stance on porters. Perhaps I just has some crappy ones. I would defo buy this again!


Adnams Broadside


I like Adnams Bitter, so give this one a go.

Surprisingly dark with a carbonated head. Smells of winter fruits and wintery sugary delights. This smells like a beer to have in December (or any month with the current UK climate) by the fire.

It tastes almost as I expected, caramely burntness but rather drier than I thought. Big strong flavours but nothing to make you say ‘urgh’

A little malty, with some hoppy maltyness – certainly a nice little dark beer. Certainly not for a hot August day, but lets face it, August days are generally more wet than hot…

Would drink again.


Elbow and Robinsons Build a Rocket Boys


Designed by the English band, Elbow and brewed by Robinsons.

Good looking labelling, pours amber with a bit of fizz.

Has the standard malty fruity smells and a very slight sweety/nutty flavour with a bitter undertone.

Wasn’t the best brew of the night, but certainly would buy “if on offer”

I can’t remember any of Elbow’s songs and this beer is equally unremarkable. But like the band, I wouldn’t be adversed to drinking it if it was on offer. A good fit then! But the title of the beer would suggest a ‘ROCKET’ of flavour. Bit of a let down.