Ridgeway Querkus


I’m ALL for supporting local businesses, and this smoked porter comes from Ridgeway in Oxfordshire. If you read my blog, you’ll know I’m not a porter fan, but once again, I’m pleasantly surprised by this one.

Pours dark as night, with a rapidly diminishing head. Smells of all the dark things you’d expect, caramel, and maltiness.

I was hoping for some sweet liquorice flavourings but instead it was a rather light tasting nutty palette. Not over-powering, as I expected a punch from the darkness. It was alright, not too nutty (I don’t like nuts as a rule)

Again, proved that porters aren’t as bad as I think.

2013-10-06 19.41.21

Hardknott Infrared


This label is promising all sorts of madness if you ask me. “As hoppy as a box of frogs”

Well, the 6.2% 500ml bottle is rather underwhelming in my opinion. Its claimed to be an IPA, but its dark ruby colouring kind of bats back at you and says, “I’m different”.

Quite fizzy head, and fruity overtones.

Tastes a bit bicuity and less hoppy than I was expecting. Quite bitter, but all in all, quite a reasonable drink. Probably wouldn’t rush out to get some more though.

2013-10-04 20.35.30

Adnams Spindrift


Smaller bottle here, 330ml but a lively ‘rad’ label. 5%.

Light and refreshing but no massive flavouring, definitely one for the ‘lager’ boys and ‘not sure about ale’ people – it will suit most beer drinkers. Pours golden with a fairly long lasting head.

Good for BBQ sessions, but not for a night in savouring the wonders.

2013-10-04 19.46.05

Manchester Star


Grabbed a bottle of this at Sainsburys in Witney, it was on some 3 for a fiver offer and I’d not seen it before. 7.3% in a 500ml bottle, thought it was worth a go.

Pours dark, darker than I imagined, with a strong lacey head.

Quite rich sweet caramely taste, bit of chocolate and a slight coffee touch in there. Very nice and very drinkable.

Certainly the type of beer I like on a wet and windy evening infront of the fire… Will definitely buy this again.

2013-10-02 22.15.52

William Bros Hipsway


The funky retro label had me on this one.

Pours amber with quote a lot of carbonation, much like a lager.

It is claimed to be a lager, but in all honesty it has so much more taste than that. Its hard to see the difference, but its got lovely fruity sweet tones. I get hints of strawberry and quite hoppy, although not a great deal.

It was okay, but nothing to write home about. Infact, hard to find much to say. Its okay.

2013-10-02 20.41.30