Curious Brew


2014-11-15 19.22.58Sold by the label of champagne yeast, this lager did not let me down. Very nice. Again, in an annoyingly small bottle (330ml) and quite costly for a bottled lager, but it is nice. Nice doesn’t win prizes, but being a lager, it taste so much better than the competition of mass produced lagers. Probably wouldn’t buy loads, and would replace with a nice IPA. But drinkable nether-the-less

Hitachino Nest White Ale


2014-11-13 21.57.49Oh yeah, this looked good on the shelf, and tasted bloody good in my mouth.

I’ve got a renewed interest in white ales. This one has a real nice citrusy/coriander taste, and for a guy who didn’t like coriander, I bloody love it.

Its a bit cloudy and has lovely lemon tones. I could drink this every day. Its a cracking beer.

I got it from Waitrose for a couple of quid



2014-11-13 19.46.49 Very nice really. Its not often I find cans to buy (although I do like Stella 4%)

I found it a little hoppy and a a bit “normal”┬ánothing out of the ordinary really. Would make a fairly recent session beer, but nothing more.

330ml can from Morrisons.