Badger Hopping Hare


2015-10-16 19.26.13I’ve always been fairly fond of the badger beers. They’ve always both suprised me, and also expanded my opinion of beers.

I don’t recall ever reviewing this, but I should do so, even though I reckon I’ve been through all the badger range!

Quite fruity, even “normal” for the norm of badgers. A slight hoppiness, and “grassy” flavours with a decent head on it. Hung around for a while.

Quite deep malts in it which brings the biscuitness of it all.  Would class as slightly better than a session beer,

Badger England’s Own


I am quite fond of badger ales I must admit but I’ll try not to be too biased.

This beer has the look of lager, pale amber in colour and quite substantial fizz. Not a massive head though.

It smells just pretty normal if I’m honest and I thought the bottle neck label’s quote of ‘staggeringly great’ might be pushing it a bit!

However, the taste is great. Totally unexpected flavours from my childhood. Can’t quite put a name to it until I read the bottle. ‘Elderflower?’. I’ve not had any elderflower for a many a year. It’s extremely pleasant and crisp, but apart from the aforementioned elderflower, I can’t get much else.

Nice beer. 4.6% in a 500ml bottle. It’s really rather refreshing. The more I drink the more I like.


Badger Blandford Flyer


This is a very nice beer but oh my, ginger! Tastes like ginger ale and I suppose it is. I really should read the labels better (after the peach beer on Friday).

The ginger gives it a little kick on the end of the tongue. Almost spicy.

A really nice beer, and I don’t usually like ginger ale. Nice, would definitely drink this again.

Badger Golden Glory


Jeepers, this has a crazy smell of peaches. The strongest fruity smell I think I’ve had of a beer. (Mind you, I should have noticed the label might have mentioned Peaches!)

I’m not the bigger fan of peaches, and it might be a little too much for multiple beers, but I can’t taste anything else.

After half, I think I shan’t buy this again. My wife seems to like it, but she’s a peach lover.