Batemans Victory


Back to one of my favourites… I think this was the first wheat based beer I had and thus, opened my eyes to the wonders of wheat beer. It knocked my for about 16 when I first had it. Who knows it if was because I was into lager at the time, or if its genuinely that good. But I tried again, and again, and its a bloody great beer.

I will try again in about 2 years nd ensure its not my inexperience in ale, but I’m assuming I will really enjoy it again.

Lovely sweety finish with some sweetness in there, and possible caramel, with the huge straw based back end.

Love it I do.2015-10-14 19.40.03

Batemans Combined Harvest


Interesting I thought as I looked at the promise of multi grain beer. What a treat.

The bottle has a rather busy label, and offers 4.7% in its 500ml bottle.

Pours nice. Has a thick looking head and a lovely dark golden colour. Almost burnt caramel colour.

If I’m honest, not a great deal of depth in the smell (although I could be a little bunged up)

BUT. The taste. Oh my word what a surprise. I delightfully light but complex sensation. There is no bitterness, no tang, somewhat malty. I think it’s a little bit fruit loafy. There is something in there that’s not normally in a beer and its thrown me a bit of a curve ball. It oils be bread, but it feels more like a sweet. Not sure.

Either way, this is now my favourite beer. Outright. And I’m sorry as I live in hook norton and I feel like I’m being a traitor to my local brewery, but sorry. It’s bloody lovely.