Cobra Lager


A beer blog has to include “standard” lagers as well, in my opinion. Every now and again I really like a lager. But I do not like really standard ones, like Carling and god forgive Fosters. 

Anyway, Cobra is a decent enough beer. That and kingfisher a staple selection in the Indian restaurants. 

Not too sweet or bland. Not too gassy, and with a touch of bitterness to the end. 

Nicely rounded and I enjoy it. 

2016-04-23 16.35.29

Curious Brew


2014-11-15 19.22.58Sold by the label of champagne yeast, this lager did not let me down. Very nice. Again, in an annoyingly small bottle (330ml) and quite costly for a bottled lager, but it is nice. Nice doesn’t win prizes, but being a lager, it taste so much better than the competition of mass produced lagers. Probably wouldn’t buy loads, and would replace with a nice IPA. But drinkable nether-the-less



Had this little number in Jamie’s Italian. I like finding eateries with less “lager” lagers. This is one. It has the refreshment of a lager without the harsh, mass produced, sharpness of a modern day restaurant beer.

Despite the photo, was quite carbonated, and very cold. I prefer less “cold” beers (which is why I like ale so much) – but it was nice enough. Slightly malty with the possibility of citrus in.

2013-11-26 12.56.39



Once again crossed the border into lagerville. I was drawn in by the moulded green Buddha bottle.

It pours as you’d expect a lager to pour. Smells a little hoppy but tastes particularly odd. A bit grassy and a little ‘old’

I only bought it because I’d never seen it before. Cool bottle, but not a keeper beer.

4.8% in 330ml bottle.