Runaway Smoked Porter


2015-10-18 17.23.08I probably shouldn’t mention how much I’m not into porters, but this is one that I probably won’t be sampling again.

Its rather bitter, and very lively

Very dark, burnt dark chocolate and almost like a burnt sausage. I’m not a massive fan of burnt meats…

I should think this would be okay if you’re sitting around infront of a fire with some nice cheeses, but not for me…. Sorry

Ridgeway Querkus


I’m ALL for supporting local businesses, and this smoked porter comes from Ridgeway in Oxfordshire. If you read my blog, you’ll know I’m not a porter fan, but once again, I’m pleasantly surprised by this one.

Pours dark as night, with a rapidly diminishing head. Smells of all the dark things you’d expect, caramel, and maltiness.

I was hoping for some sweet liquorice flavourings but instead it was a rather light tasting nutty palette. Not over-powering, as I expected a punch from the darkness. It was alright, not too nutty (I don’t like nuts as a rule)

Again, proved that porters aren’t as bad as I think.

2013-10-06 19.41.21

Meantime Chocolate Porter


I’ve said previously I’m not a porter fan. But once again I’m left pondering.

Small brown bottle with hidden treasures in it. Pours almost black with an off cream head. I don’t get any chocolate aromas but I get coffee. Reminds me of Guinness in Dublin?

Not a great deal of chocolate in the taste either. I get sweetness and malts. A little burntness too. But then, right at the end a “pow” of choccieness. Nice lingering tastes and a great warming sensation much like you get from a whiskey. I like a lot.

Think I might reconsider my stance on porters. Perhaps I just has some crappy ones. I would defo buy this again!


Innis & Gunn Winter Treacle porter


I’m not a massive fan of porters but this was a gift so who am I to turn it down.

Pours very dark malty brown, quite fizzy with minimal head.

I thought I could smell rum at first but it soon vanished and all I could smell was sweetness.

First taste knocked me a bit, wow. Pretty strong tastes going on. Got a load of sweet overtones and whiskey’ish warmth on the way down. Definitely can spot the treacle in there.

After a few mouthfuls, it’s going down well. Bit of a shame I only have one but it renews an otherwise distant interest in porters.

Would come again. Nice.