Skinners Betty Stogs


Betty Stogs was a Cornish woman in a folktale. She lived on moorland near Towednack. She had a six-month old baby but was lazy and dissipated. The neglected baby was cared for by the fairies, who returned it clean and laid upon a bed of moss (stolen from Wikipedia)

Well this one is nicer than the Cornish Knocker. It’s got a nice orangey colour to it.

Sweet and malty. Got the usual citrusy fruity tones.

It’s again, not a banger, but I could see myself drinking a few of these. A lot more agreeable than the last one.


Skinners Cornish Knocker


Pours out of its very busy label, nice light amber. Medium carbonation with short lives head.

Hoppy, clean and crisp. Quite sweet. Malt and bitterness.

Standard summer session ale I would suggest. Nothing overpowering and nothing horrible. Distinctly average beer. Not sure how it won bronze at the 2008 camra golden ale category though.

500ml 4.5% £1.69 from Waitrose Witney.