Thwaites nutty black


Not to be confused with ‘very’ nutty black, brewed by Thwaites brewery. A lighter stout than most.

It’s really very plain in comparison to the other stouts I’ve been drinking recently. It’s warming yes, but very slight when it comes to flavours.

Has a slight sweetness but as someone who’s not particularly fond of nuts, not very nutty!

Not a great deal of aftertaste to be fair. It’s all just a bit plain.

Nice and dark it is, and no fizz at all. It is pleasant enough without the drama of a more ‘premium’ bottle.


Thwaites Very Nutty Black


I’ve had a few of these recently. Found it on draught in a pub in Soho last week which was a nice surprise.

Obviously it’s very black, stouty looking beer. But I can’t taste any nuts in it. Which is a good thing as I don’t like nuts!

It tastes a bit caramely and smooth. A little bit sticky without the stillness. It’s a lovely pint. 3.9% in a 500ml bottle. A cracking beer.