Hitachino Nest White Ale


2014-11-13 21.57.49Oh yeah, this looked good on the shelf, and tasted bloody good in my mouth.

I’ve got a renewed interest in white ales. This one has a real nice citrusy/coriander taste, and for a guy who didn’t like coriander, I bloody love it.

Its a bit cloudy and has lovely lemon tones. I could drink this every day. Its a cracking beer.

I got it from Waitrose for a couple of quid

Einstock Olgerd White Ale


IMG_1012.JPGDecided to check out the Witney Majestic Wine as I heard they had good beers.

I found this, and I was intrigued. At £10 for 6 bottles I thought it was fairly costly, but better than the £5.50 for 3 I get at my local village shop. Anyway, glad I did. This is a cracking white ale. The label says coriander and  orange peel. Sounds very xmassy, and I don’t usually like coriander. This blows my misconceptions away. Its bloody lovely, and I am so glad I bought 6 bottles. Didn’t last long though, especially at 330ml per bottle.

Had a thin head, and a pale colour. But the spicy, christmassy smells just make you want to gulp it down.


Its grear